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Shubhashree Macheeri Ramaswamy

Prithvi Housing is filled with some of the most wonderful people I have met. As a company, they have really supported us in every way. We were not in Kochi when the villa was being built, they used to constantly update us about the construction. They would send photos and videos of the construction many times. We never felt insecure with Prithvi. I had immense trust in them and definitely they have stood up to my trust. They did the modifications as we had requested and have really helped us in every way even after the villa was done and handed over to us. The kind of support and care I have felt with Prithvi is much higher than any big builder in Bangalore or Kochi today.

Paithrukam Luxury Villas, Thiruvankulam

Akhilesh Lukose

​We have been getting excellent co- operation from team Prithvi. I am very delighted to have been associated with them both at the professional and personal levels. they kept us up-to-date, always very considerate and went out of their way to provide excellent service.. We are so very proud of our new flat !! Many thanks for everything!

Manvettom, Kottayam